I was born near Denver, Colorado in 1951, and lived my very early years in my parents' hand-built home on the prairie. Soon after, we moved east where I have been living to the present day.

I graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Religious Studies. At about 23 years of age, I began to paint, renting a small studio in Ithaca, New York, and audited (unofficially) art classes at Cornell University. Influences at the time were Van Gogh, Utrillo, Soutine, the Fauves, and French and German Expressionists.

I entered into the Masters program in Architecture at Va Tech in 1977 and subsequently worked in the field of commercial architecture until the summer of 2007, when I left architecture to concentrate on my art interests. 

I married in 1980 and Linda and I have three children.

Recent oil and acrylic works are semi-representational images of landscapes and figurative subjects. Several techniques are being developed, using palette knife, brush, in addition to a recent exploration of painted wood cutouts. My enjoyment of drawing has persisted throughout my artistic endeavors and led to the creation of a series of large four foot square abstract pen-and-ink drawings. These explore and interpret the richness and density of visual stimulus of the natural world.

The rich folk art culture of the Williamsburg area has influenced my current work consisting of stained and waxed wood cutouts of semi-abstracted figures and landscapes.

My wife and I recently moved to Williamsburg from Northern Virginia (following a three year layover in Virginia Beach) and we love exploring Tidewater's natural environment and this area's colonial history.

Tom Zuk